The Tim Brown Foundation
Tim Brown
Founded in 1999, the mission of the Tim Brown Foundation is to strengthen the moral fiber and character of America’s youth through programs, teaching, and opportunities which stress academic achievement, physical and mental conditioning, and positive interaction with others of all faiths, color, age and gender. Positive family ties are stressed, along with the notion that respect for others is a fundamental tenet of citizenship.
Crab5 Foundation
Michael Crabtree
The mission of Crab5 Foundation is to create an environment for inner city youth that encourages and promotes personal and professional development through cultural activities, the arts, music, sports and academics with a vision of producing well rounded individuals.
DWash Foundation
DeAndre Washington

D. Wash Foundation Youth Football Camp is dedicated to fostering and improving the quality of youth football through camps and fitness. We want to provide an environment where such life values as teamwork, cooperation, respect and self-esteem will be learned through a positive football experience.
Our goal is to enhance the lives of young boys and girls to enable them to make a positive impact on the field and in their community through the lessons of team sports. We have created an elite camp that will provide exceptional teaching and instruction to all participants.